Beautiful New Theme / April-May News

This new and rather elegant theme I’ve dug out of WordPress seems to have interfered with previous posts. Not to worry, as usual – news will go here, and everything else will live in menus.

Two things for right now:

1) Boston Postdoctoral Association Pint of Science night was last week at Bill’s Bar – hello to everyone I met who heard a (rigidly timed) 4 minute explanation of GRIM. Cheeky devils actually had judges for these talks! I agree this was an excellent idea in retrospect, because I came 3rd.

If you’ve made your way back here to find out how GRIM works, as many of you did, the pre-print is here.

2) I’m speaking at the Boston Skeptics on what is tentatively May 29th right now – that might change by a week, because it’s also Memorial Day – on anomaly detection and meta-science in general. Venue TBA.